miércoles, 4 de julio de 2012

Frases (Episodio XXI)

Para todos los hombres, las 3 peores cosas que se le pueden decir a una mujer de cualquier especie:

‘That was just physical. Those females meant nothing to me.’
This is historically the third worst things to say to a female of any species.
‘They meant nothing? Why not?’
Wowbagger spread his arms. ‘How could they? Even as we mated, they were growing old.’
There’s number two.
Trillian’s eyes flashed. ‘Growing old. We all grow old, Bowerick. Believe it or not, I’m growing old too.’
Wowbagger realized that his lack of intimate communication over the years was doing wonders
to increase his chances of dying alone in the very immediate future.
‘You may be growing old,’ he said desperately, ‘but you have years left before you’re too old to

And there’s number one. Badabingo. Green stick in the green hole.

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