miércoles, 29 de febrero de 2012

Frases (Episodio XII)

And that, I thought, will be that. The Utah thing was poorly thought-out but
now, she’ll have classes and meet fascinating people and she’ll love it. She’ll call
every day, then every week. And then she’ll mention a guy. A friend, she’ll say.
And then she’ll call once a month, only visit twice a semester and then you’ll get
the call and she’ll say she’s sorry, she’s met someone, he’s an English major and
plays lacrosse or some shit. And she will have grown up. She’ll get some job right
out of school in some other city and she’ll never, ever come back here. 
And that’s how it should be. She’ll be out of my orbit, out of my sphere of
concern, a poor target for anyone or any thing that wants to get to me. She’ll be
safe. This time.

John Dies at the End

Tremendo libro, totalmente del carajo.
Y por alguna razón, este párrafo me describe muchísimo.

David Mitchell & Robert Webb - Peep Show

Neil DeGrasse Tyson calls out John Stewart on Earth's spin

I fucking love you, man.

domingo, 26 de febrero de 2012

¿Sos vos?

Caminaba por una calle céntrica. Llena de gente, oficinistas yendo de un lado al otro, policías mirando y tratando de justificar su sueldo, personas con intenciones de hacer trámites, algún que otro turista.

Se escucha a uno de esos artistas que están en la vereda pidiendo monedas. Comenzó a tocar un tango, con tanta maestría que había gente mirándolo. Ninguna pareja bailaba. Nadie se atrevía a dar el primer paso.

Y entonces te ví. Estabas a una cuadra de distancia, y pude verte solamente porque tu cara, tus facciones, tus ojos son tan reconocibles, fuera donde fuera. Tenés una peculiaridad en tu mirada, tu sonrisa, tu corte de pelo, tu manera de vestirte que te vi, y recordé todo.

¿Cuánto pasó de aquella tarde de Sábado? ¿Meses? ¿Años? ¿Milenios?

Sólo sé que todo pareció tan poco desde la última vez que nos vimos.

Me sonreíste. Y el tango seguía su curso.

Te acercaste.

Sólo atiné a decirte “¿Sos vos?”.

Tu sonrisa me lo confirmó.

Te tomé de la mano, te acerqué al grupo de gente, y comenzamos a bailar. Jamás nos importó el qué dirán, y definitivamente hoy no fue ninguna excepción. Bailamos, y el artista sonreía. Bailamos, y el mundo desapareció.
Bailamos, y en esos minutos, horas, años, milenios, volviste a ser mía.

El artista terminó, y todos nos aplaudieron, nos felicitaron, nos sacaron fotos. Vos y yo no podíamos dejar de mirarnos, de sonreírnos, de tomarnos las manos, de pensar “¿Y si…?”.

Y me soltaste, y te fuiste, con una sonrisa y una lágrima. Te fuiste, y te llevaste tu perfume, tu mirada, tu amor. Te fuiste, y no volví a verte nunca más.

Cada tanto paso por la misma calle, y está el mismo viejo artista tocando tangos, pero vos ya no estás, ya no te encuentro por ningún lado, y tu sonrisa no está a mi lado para confirmarme lo que más me importa:

“¿Sos vos?”.

Dick Tracy

"- Weee! I'm Dick Tracy! Bam! Take that Prune Face! Now I'm Prune Face! Take that Dick Tracy! Now I'm Prune Tracy! Take that Di--
- NED! Stop it at once! Stop it!"

The Rock Bottom

In our mad pursuit of a scoop we members of the press sometimes make mistakes, 
Rock Bottom would like to make the following corrections:

Arrested Development - Across from where?

Cómo amo esta serie.

Scott Pilgrim - Arrested Development

My girlfriend went to get a drink, and her cat wanted to Skype me too

"We meet again, Mr. Bond"

viernes, 24 de febrero de 2012

Cena en el quincho - San Bernardo

No sólo parezco humano y decente, sino que además, se ve el hermoso y suculento plato de papas fritas que venden en el Quincho. Recomendadísimo, aún cuando te sale un ojo de la cara el comer ahí.

Video Games Live: 11. Castlevania [High Quality]

Es sólo el audio, pero carajo que lo vale.

Star Wars fans hate Star Wars

By: Adam Summers 5/23/05

My girlfriend doesn’t understand what I see in Star Wars. We’ve had several soul-crushing arguments about what exactly makes this series so important to me, and every time I have found it more and more difficult to argue my case. As the maddening years have wound on, I think I finally understand the reason for this crippling handicap. 

There is a diabolical twist to Star Wars fandom, you see, that defies comprehension, and yet is the life-blood of all Star Wars fans. It is this:

Star Wars fans hate Star Wars. 

If you run into somebody who tells you they thought the franchise was quite enjoyable, and they very-much liked the originals as well as the prequels, and even own everything on DVD, and a few of the books, these imposters are not Star Wars Fans.

Star Wars fans hate Star Wars.

The primary fulcrum for the Star Wars fan’s hate (including my own) is George Lucas, creator of Star Wars. Unlike Trekkies/Trekkers who adore Star Trek creator Gene Roddenberry, Star Wars fans hate the father of their obsession. We hate the fact that George Lucas got it wrong from the beginning, creating incest between Luke and Leia. We hate the fact that he wrenched Return of the Jedi off of Kashyyyk and set it on Endor with those tiny, furry Hobbit bitches he called “Ewoks”, which is a syllabic anagram of Wookiee if you’re obsessed enough. We despise the entire existence of literally half of the Star Wars movies, blaming George Lucas’ greed and flawed ‘vision’ for everything. 

We believe George Lucas’ ideal death time was 2:07am, 14 November, 1990.

Star Wars fans also hate the original Star Wars trilogy. We think Mark Hamill’s acting was whiny, the pacing was flawed, and Empire was better than Jedi, making the end of the series a let-down. We hate the way Boba Fett died, and we hate the cantankerous, arthritic duel between Vader and Obi-wan. We don’t understand why the storm-troopers can’t shoot worth a damn, and we don’t get why “an entire legion of [the Emperor’s] best troops”(ROTJ, Palpatine) can be overpowered by a tribal society of midget teddy-bears armed largely with rocks and twigs. Star Wars fans hate omnipotent war-machines that get their legs tangled in strings, or slip on logs. They hate Darth Vader’s face and that stupid harmonica thing he was playing. Star Wars fans hate the original Star Wars trilogy.

There is also, as you probably know, a series of Special Editions that have replaced the original Star Wars trilogy, and these are also hated by Star Wars fans with an even more scorching fervor. Star Wars fans hate the glaring CG changes made to scenes we already hated to begin with. We hate that Han Solo now killed Greedo in self-defense, and then stepped on Jabba the Hutt’s tail (which we liken to Carrot Top stepping on Fidel Castro’s tail). We hate the fact that the ghost of Alec Guinness (whose name is an anagram of Genuine Class, by the way) now stands next to Hayden Christensen (whose name I tried to re-arrange into a flattering anagram myself, but only came up with “Nn…Dense Chest Hair”). Star Wars fans are unsure if Fidel Castro has a tail or not, but we hate the Special Editions of the trilogy just the same. 

There is of course also a prequel trilogy to Star Wars. It is newer, more epic, more expensive, and more visually stunning than the original trilogy. Star Wars fans know this, and so we hate it even more. We hate it with the burning passion of a setting pair of twin suns. Jar Jar Binks, Midichlorians, technology that is blatantly more sophisticated than the “later” original trilogy…we despise all of it. There’s nothing a Star Wars fan hates more than a Star Wars prequel. They demystified Boba Fett, contradicted countless lines in the original trilogy (Obi-Wan: “He was our only hope.” Yoda: “No…there is another.” Obi-Wan (not in script): “Oh, right, I f*cking held both of these kids as they were born in Episode 3. Sorry Yoda, I just plumb forgot!”)

Star Wars fans think Mark Ha…uh…Hayden Christensen’s acting was whiny. And the pacing was flawed.

Beyond the movies, there are also various television-related Star Wars endeavors which Star Wars fans despise. Starting with that abysmal “Holiday Special” in which Carrie Fisher appeared drunk and tried to celebrate Christmas through song in a Jesus-less galaxy, Star Wars fans have watched and hated everything. We think Droids was a waste of time, Ewok Adventures was an extension of everything we hated about Return of the Jedi, and we’ve seen both seasons of Clone Wars which we hate because we believe them to be immensely inconsistent with the prequels we also hate. 

Star Wars fans think the Star Wars comic-books are a stockpile of contrivance written for marketing purposes by people who know nothing about Star Wars. Every gimmick imaginable to bring back super-weapons long destroyed and token bad-guys long-beaten is spewed forth from these comic books, and Star Wars fans want nothing to do with it. Star Wars fans have read the one in which Han Solo works in tandem with a giant rabbit and we are not impressed.

Then, naturally, there are the videogames. Star Wars fans hate LucasArts, and the opportunist drivel that comprises most of the gameplay-less apertures known as Star Wars games that they vomit up every fiscal quarter. Star Wars fans know that there is no such thing as a good Star Wars strategy game, we yelled at our PS1 when Masters of Teras-Kasi came out, and we kind-of liked the Jedi Knight series, but not at first and definitely not towards the end. Star Wars fans did not like Knights of the Old Republic, unless they were RPG fans. This does not count. Star Wars fans hate Star Wars videogames. 

The final main elixir of Star Wars folklore is the ever-growing library of Star Wars books. These have managed to make a complex main character our of practically every background alien seen in the movies, and expanded the universe into a colossal, self-contradictory maze. Star Wars fans hate this. We hate how trite and tired the books were getting before the New Jedi Order series, and we hate the New Jedi Order series for being so radically different, and not nearly trite or tired enough. Star Wars fans hate it when previously-deceased characters are brought back to life, but we also hate Timothy Zahn for not bringing his characters back to life. Star Wars fans did not hate Grand Admiral Thrawn, but we do now, because he is always dead. The Star Wars movies also contradict and completely ignore droves of information within the Star Wars books. Star Wars fans now know that George Lucas has no idea who Jaster Mareel is, and it makes us very angry. Star Wars fans hate Star Wars books.

Now that I have covered all of this, you can finally begin to compute why I can never prove to Emily that Star Wars is a monumental event worth devoting one’s life to. The very nature of the argument means I have to defend Star Wars, and since I am a Star Wars fan, I don’t actually understand how to do that. 

Maybe I’ll put it like this. To be a Star Wars fan, one must possess the ability to see a million different failures and downfalls, and then somehow assemble them into a greater picture of perfection. Every true Star Wars fan is a Luke Skywalker, looking at his twisted, evil father, and somehow seeing good. 

My earlier statement needs slight revision. We hate everything about Star Wars. 

But the idea of Star Wars…the idea we love.

Jesus Christ Superstar (2000) - Heaven On Their Minds

"You will began to matter more than the things you said"

Demás está decir que recomiendo jodidamente esta versión de este tremendo musical.



Término utilizado para poder expresar la hermosa sensación de cierre, que, más allá de los resultados, más allá de lo esperado, sirve para seguir adelante.

Se cierra una etapa, se abre otra. O al menos, uno se queda tranquilo que se hizo lo posible para que funcionara. Pocas cosas son tan satisfactorias que volver a casa con una sonrisa, diciendo "Bueno, al menos lo intenté, dejé todo en la cancha".

Aunque me encantaría que no fuera así.

martes, 21 de febrero de 2012


Frases (Episodio X)

“I have noticed even people who claim everything is predestined, and that we can do nothing to change it, look before they cross the road”Stephen Hawking

"We are all a little weird and life's a little weird, and when we find someone whose weirdness is compatible with ours, we join up with them and fall in mutual weirdness and call it love." - Dr. Seuss


Hace tanto tiempo que no paso por aca para otra cosa que no sea subir videos o web comics. No sé porqué perdí la costumbre de escribir algo, pero supongo que será porque no tengo muchas ganas de sentir que mis cosas privadas las leen muchas personas.

Pero por otro lado, ¿cuántas personas leen esto?. Prácticamente ninguna persona, si vamos a ser honestos. Básicamente esto se convirtió en mi diario íntimo e interactivo, ya que no sólo hay escritos míos, sino que además hay videos y esas cosas.

Por lo pronto, les puedo contar que... bueno, no sé qué puedo contarles. Estas vacaciones fueron entretenidas, pero hubo algo de depresión. Supongo que es natural, viendo lo que tenía planeado para hacer en esas fechas y en el último momento se cagó todo. Y encima se cagó todo de una manera irreparable.

Más allá de eso, debo decir que las disfruté. Quizás no me despejé tanto la cabeza como debería haberlo hecho, más que nada por esa puta sensación in the back of my mind, driving me mad. 

Yo que sé, la soledad es guacha, ¿eh?. Es muy guacha. No estoy diciendo para nada que no esté disfrutando la so-called libertad de estar soltero. Realmente le estoy sacando el gusto. 

Pero hay veces que...

Hay veces que simplemente sueño con ese "¿Sos vos?" de hace tanto tiempo atrás. 

Lo que pagaría por estar en ese momento y revivirlo una y otra vez. 

En otras noticias, estoy tratando de sacar Everlong con la guitarra. No sé si en realidad es en otras noticias, ya que tiene mucho que ver con lo que vengo diciendo. 

Y en otras unrelated news (y realmente no relacionadas) planeamos irnos de vacaciones en familia. Nos dimos cuenta que desde el 90 y tanto que no vamos que no lo hacemos. Y posiblemente también salga vacaciones con mi hermana. Quizás vayamos al sur. 

Pinta interesante este año. O al menos lo suficiente como para distraerme un poco.

(puta madre que me pongo depresivo y melancólico cuando tengo mucho sueño)

domingo, 19 de febrero de 2012

No Kitty!

Algo me dice que este blog va a ser más un Tumblr que otra cosa.

Oh well. And nothing of value was lost.

miércoles, 15 de febrero de 2012

50/50 (2011)

Recién termino de ver esta película.

No tengo palabras para expresar lo que me hizo sentir verla. Me hizo acordar momentos, situaciones, palabras, hechos de una época que no quería volver a recordar, pero lo hizo por el mejor lado: el humor. Me llegó tan profundo que les soy honesto, no puedo explicarles en palabras.

Penny Arcade - Song to end the Earth

Guile's Theme goes with everything

Ok, esto es lo último que subo antes de irme a dormir. No se quejen luego de que no actualizo.

Frases (Episodio IX)

Foo Fighters - Everlong (Live at Wembley Stadium 08)

And I wonder
When I sing along with you
If everything could ever feel this real forever
If anything could ever be this good again
The only thing I'll ever ask of you
You've got to promise not to stop when I say when
She sang...

Y cada vez que escucho este tema, pienso en vos...

martes, 14 de febrero de 2012

San Bernardo - Febrero 2012

Sin ningún orden en particular, algunas fotos de mis vacaciones en San Bernardo:

Me gusta mucho esta foto. Y ahí estaba leyendo "John Dies at the End".
Parece que tuviera más barba que la que tengo posta.
“Close your eyes and I'll kiss you, Tomorrow I'll miss you.” 


Quedó genial esta foto

¡Y ni te digo los panchos!

Que conste que tengo más tetas que ella

Johnny Cash - 'Hurt"

I hurt myself today,
To see if I still feel,
I focus on the pain,
The only thing that's real,

The needle tears a hole,
The old familiar sting,
Try to kill it all away,
But I remember everything,

What have I become,
My sweetest friend,
Everyone I know,
Goes away in the end,

And you could have it all,
My empire of dirt,
I will let you down,
I will make you hurt,

I wear this crown of thorns,
Upon my liars chair,
Full of broken thoughts,
I cannot repair,

Beneath the stains of time,
The feelings disappear,
You are someone else,
I am still right here,

What have I become,
My sweetest friend,
Everyone I know,
Goes away in the end,

And you could have it all,
My empire of dirt,
I will let you down,
I will make you hurt,

If I could start again,
A million miles away,
I will keep myself,
I would find a way,

xkcd: Lanes

Hoy estoy muy monotemático, aparentemente.

Un día como hoy...

Un 14 de Febrero hace nueve años me daban el alta luego de tres años internado debido al cáncer. Así que para serles enteramente honesto...San Valentín la tiene adentro.