sábado, 27 de noviembre de 2010

Recomendación: Spiderman 2 (Psx)

Increíble juego de Playstation 1. Me iría en halagos al mismo debido a la cantidad de horas de diversión que me otorgó, pero un amable anónimo de 4chan lo resumió por mí (y muchísimo más elocuente de lo que yo lo haría jamás):

So fucking glad I held onto my copy.
If you ever do find it, be patient. The game looks like complete shit...until you start to get comfortable with web swinging. That is why people are still talking about this game.
When I first bought this, I began having dreams in which I was web swinging. That's how good it is.

Nothing can beat the exhilaration that comes from sprinting, as fast as humanly possible, off of a roof-top and FLINGING your body over the edge. You fall, faster and faster, until your vision begins to blur. The wind whips past you so quickly that it's sound becomes deafening. You can't see or hear anything. All you are aware of is the ground rushing towards you- and you think that these will be your final moments. But as you extend your hand an unbreakable lifeline springs from it, and you realize that this is only the beginning. Your downward speed is suddenly reversed and you find yourself catapulted through the air! You've suddenly turned your fall's momentum into a mighty force that moves you through this city.
Tiny ants call out to you from below. Some call out blessings while others curse your name. But they hardly matter as they slowly fade from view and you reach the peak of your swing. You let go of your web and, just for a moment, you hang frozen in the air. High above the noisy streets the wind stops whistling in your ears and you can see the sun setting over the skyscrapers. It's a quiet, serene moment. One that is followed by an even more perilous plummet than before. One that no man could survive. But you are not any other man. You turn peril into power. You turn falling into flight. You are Spider-Man. And you make gravity your bitch.


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