lunes, 10 de septiembre de 2012

Sin City

The next day goes by all right. I keep distracted. I pay my rent and rotate my tires. I go see three movies. I don't think about Ava too often. 

Then night falls and there's nowhere to hide. There's no game on, nobody to call. I try to read but it just won't happen. 

So I get into bed and close my eyes and remind myself about all the reasons why I shouldn't give a damn about Ava. It doesn't work. The wrong memories keep popping up.

She ripped my soul apart and tossed away the pieces like she was emptying an ashtray. But does my mind stay on that? Hell, no! It brings back that look she had in her eyes when I told her about my dad. That time we smoked pot and got the giggles and couldn't stop. That crazy way she got scared in the middle of the night and started crying and how I held her close to me until dawn.

And yeah, I remember the fire in her, the feel of her breasts, the taste she left in my mouth.


Y todo venía tan bien.

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