sábado, 16 de junio de 2012

Community - Baby Boomer Santa

Santa Claus was born in 1945
He had a boogy-woogie Coca-Cola army jive

And when the Commies gave the polio to Doris Day
Santa helped the Beatles chase McCarthy away
That Baby Boomer Santa
He never gonna die

Santa fought at Woodstock and Vietnam
And smoked a ton of acid and burned his bra

And then in 1970 he did more drugs
And his hair stayed long and he ... grew a mustache

Baby Boomer Santa
He's gonna stay ali-hi-hi-ive

Santa invented Spielberg and microchips
Santa invented Coca-Cola and aerobics

He made the Iron Curtain and the Gremlins 2
Fake butter and AIDS and Twin Peaks

Baby Boomer Santa
Thank you for MTV
Baby Boomer Santa
Thank you for everything

You're welcome
You're welcome for everything
In the world

You're welcome
You're welcome for all that I bring
To the world

I'm Baby Boomer Santa
I bring the gift of the world

Baby Boomer Santa
I'm an American pearl

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