martes, 28 de diciembre de 2010


Esto lo posteé en otro foro, y está en inglés, pero no me importa:

Last night, my subconscious gave me one hell of a show. A grindhouse-like double feature.

The first dream was about my ex-girlfriend. It was the usual "I miss you so much, I was wrong, I love you" bullshit that could get you depressed for weeks. It felt very real, it was one of those dreams that you could swear that it was real. The smells, the feeling of her lips, everything felt... right. It was even with bright colors, like the end of a romantic comedy starring Ryan Reynolds or Mathew whatever-his-name-is. It had one of those "Oh, I love you so much" scenes!.

The reason why I'm not depressed, listening to Good Charlotte and trying to call her is because of the second dream.

First of all, it was filmed (yeah, filmed) in a dark, gritty, noir-esque color, with rain and thunders and the whole shit. In it, I was sitting in the middle of a big fucking mansion. Thinking. Contemplating. Remembering.

Then, Michael Caine came and said, in his lovely and beautiful British voice:

"Master Wayne, it seems like Gordon needs you".
And I looked up trough the window and saw the signal calling me. Calling for justice.
I answered "No, Gotham needs me"

I was Batman.

And it was the most awesome dream I've ever had.

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